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Friday, 7 May 2010

The Warp Herd

Ok, it begins. As stated in my intro the plan is to first make a little Mordheim warband, thus forming a basic core for the army. As this small and varied group expands so will the the army core, until eventually I'll have a little WFB army and can make my first sorties into full pitched battle.

I'm not a huge fan of the way that GW has divided up the Hordes of Chaos into 3 distinct armies. It seems to me a clumsy and unneccessary fluff reversal that kind of dilutes the flavour, not to mention not making much sense from a background perspective (aren't Daemons supposed to be hard to summon and maintain? Whole armies of Daemons are a once in a lifetime event, a portent of the Apocalypse? Similarly, mighty Heralds of Chaos on their way to burn and pillage whole cities can no longer venture into the deep woods enroute and coerce/convince a few beastmen to join the fun?). With this in mind I've decided to make my army a traditional mash-up like the Chaos of old, with Daemons, Mortal, and Beasts all invited to the party. Rumour has it that the option to include allies will return in WFB 8th edition, but even if this isn't possible I'll just shoehorn my miniatures into a useable army via the wonderful process of proxy.

So, a couple of weeks ago I ordered two boxes of Chaos Knights (awesome models), a Beastman battalion, and an Avatars of War Beast Lord from Wayland Games (I prefer this retailer when making orders above £25ish due to their large discount on rrp) and the Gods are clearly smiling on this endeavour as the battalion arrived yesterday, just in time for my holiday. That means I have 10 glorious days to get a good start on this project before the tedious realities of everyday life begin to intrude.

I won't bore you with pics of boxes or sprues, I don't see the point. Rather I'll start cleaning up plastic bits and pieces and doing some dry fits. I tend to do this type of thing in between bouts of painting but today I'm going to attempt some sort of clean-up & glue production line, hopefully I can get a fair bit done before the temptation to break out the paints overwhelms me. I'll update with progress pics later today, so until then, au revoir :)


  1. Sounds like you have a good plan, and I look forward to seeing what you do.

    Might I enquire as to what's going in your warband?

  2. The plan is to build a larger warband than I need so that I have plenty of options. So it will be a Beastlord, Shaman, Centigor, 2-3 Bestigor, 5-6 Gor, 2-3 Ungor, 2-3 Hounds.

    I'll arm them with a range of weapons to get a nice varied look to the group.

  3. Sounds like a good plan. Personally my favourite weapons have been hammers, clubs etc for the increased stunning result. That and armour appears to play a small part in the games I've been involved in.