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Saturday, 8 May 2010


Got a little bit done yesterday. It really is quite a draining experience trying to clean plastics without the prospect of painting them any time soon. I think it's all the little shavings of material. Using a file on metals it seems that gravity takes care of the debris, but using a blade on palstic means stopping every few seconds to brush away the detritus. The Knight alone took ages to bring up to spec, I possibly should have left it until last, the Beastman required a fraction of the time.

Anyway, rant over, time to look forward. The job for today will be to clean and build 2 more Bestigor, and a variety of Gor and Ungor (probably 5 Gor and 2-3 Ungor). I also have to buy the 2 GW Beastlords, I already have the Avatars of War version but I really love both that GW sells so I'll definately be painting them at some point. For my Shaman I'll be using a Chaos Sorceror, it has quite a bestial aspect and I think it will fit in nicely. The Knight shown in this post will be my Centigor, at least for a while. I might eventually replace it with an official Centigor model. I'm not sure what I'll use for the Hounds yet.

Hopefully now the Knight is done I'll make some good progress on the foot soldiers today (aiming to get them all done), I'm out playing poker tonight so there will be no prospect of any late-night modelling.

Whatever I get done today, painting starts tomorrow.


  1. He looks pretty good. How are you going to arm him?

  2. Sorry I missed this mate - are there many Mordheim players around you? I don't know of many this end of the country.

    I love the new knight models, so much better than recent previous attempts, and probably better than the old metal ones from WFB 3rd Ed.